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Benefits of Whole Body Cryotherapy

Updated: Jan 5

Cryotherapy is an increasingly popular treatment, thanks to its benefits on exercise recovery, anxiety, depression, hormone production, and improved strength. It is especially popular with athletes, who enjoy the endorphin release when used as post-exercise body therapy.

Whether you’re opting for whole-body cryotherapy, cryo facial, or compression, cryotherapy in any form has several benefits for your physical well-being. Some of these benefits include:

Numbing nerve irritation

Cryotherapy is popular among several athletes, who use it to treat injuries and numb pain. The icy submersion helps to numb irritated nerves, with doctors subsequently treating the injured area with small probes inserted into the nearby tissue. This way, acute injuries, chronic pain, and neuromas can be treated painlessly.

Reducing migraine symptoms

Another of cryotherapy’s benefits is that it helps treat migraines by cooling nerves in the neck region. In fact, recent studies have shown that pressuring ice packs to the area of the carotid arteries in the neck can significantly reduce migraines, cooling blood flowing through the intracranial vessels.

Helping with weight loss

While cryotherapy of itself cannot help you lose weight directly, it can certainly help speed up the process. This is because being cold can force the body to work harder to stay warm, increasing the rate of metabolism.

As cryotherapy helps deal with muscle pain, returning to a fitness routine is easier after recovering from an injury. However, this potential weight loss benefit is limited to individuals who, for some reason, cannot exercise because of the pain.

Fights inflammation

The body’s immune system fights disease in different ways, including inflammation. However, the immune system can get overly aggressive, leading to chronic inflammation. The result is health issues such as depression, diabetes, cancer, arthritis, and dementia. Cryotherapy can help fight inflammation, reduce the risk of these chronic ailments, and improve overall health.

Helps with mood disorders

Cryotherapy’s benefits are not limited to the physical but also extend to the mental. The sub-zero immersions of whole-body cryotherapy can induce physiological hormonal responses, releasing adrenaline, endorphins, and noradrenaline.

Studies have found that cryotherapy treatment can positively benefit individuals who experience mood disorders like depression and anxiety.

Short-term acute and muscle injury recovery

One of cryotherapy’s most popular benefits is short-term recovery from intense physical workouts and injuries like sprains and strains. As cryotherapy helps to reduce inflammation by reducing blood flow to affected areas, it reduces swelling and pain.

Enjoy the icy benefits of a cryotherapy treatment today

Cryotherapy has several benefits, whether you suffer from mood disorders or physical pain. The treatment helps you recover faster from intense physical exertion while inducing the right hormones to restore you mentally.

Full-body cryotherapy isn’t the only cryotherapy option available. At Energi Wellness, we provide localized and compression cryotherapy for individuals seeking to enjoy the many icy benefits or unique treatments offered. Book now.


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